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Professor Cecily Begley

Professor Cecily Begley speaking to OneWorldBirth on how the current maternity systems in the Western World are affecting oxytocin release and physiological birth.

Professor Soo Downe

Professor Soo Down explains to OneWorldBirth why physiological birth is so difficult to achieve in today's maternity system

Home Birth Round Table

CZ Meeting  The STSM funded by the COST Action IS0907 provided an opportunity for Jette Aaroe Clausen to join a roundtable discussion about the situation in the Czech birth care system organized by the Nesehnutí, a Czech non-profit organization, which promotes positive changes in Czech birth care.


COST The main objective of the Action is to advance scientific knowledge about ways of improving maternity care provision and outcomes for mothers, babies and families across Europe by understanding what works, for who, in what circumstances , and by identifying and learning from the best.

Doctoral Midwifery Research Society

Doctoral Midwifery Research Society The main objective of the DMRS is to provide quality support and guidance to doctoral and post doctoral midwife and childbirth (or related) researchers regionally, nationally and internationally.


Euro Peristat

Peristat  The EURO-PERISTAT project’s goal has been to develop valid and reliable indicators that can be used for monitoring and evaluating perinatal health in the EU. The project began in 1999 as part of the Health Monitoring Programme and has continued into a third phase, with the ultimate aim of producing a European Perinatal Health Report and establishing a sustainable system for reporting perinatal health indicators.