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We are a group of around 100 academics, midwives, doctors, policy makers and healthcare specialists. We are working on a large research project funded by the European Union and it is our task to find out about best practise in maternity care across Europe. In this survey, we are trying to find out about women's views and experiences relating to maternity care in a number of different European countries. This information will be used by our research group (COST Action IS0907) to identify areas of best practice in maternity care across Europe. If you would like to help us, please fill in our very short online survey. There are a maximum of 20 questions and these should take less than 10 minutes to answer.

This is a general survey examining the provision of healthcare across Europe. If you have experienced negative care during childbirth, you may wish to discuss this further with your healthcare provider or an independent support network. Please contact us for a list of support networks in your country.

Privacy and confidentiality are important issues. All collected data will be anonymised and stored in a secure manner. All provided responses will be used for research policy guidance purposes only. By completing this survey, you consent for us to use your provided responses in this manner. This survey has passed the ethics approval process of the University of Central Lancashire, UK. All personal data, in digital or hard copy form, will be stored and handled in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998) as well as the University of Central Lancashire (UK) guidelines.

This means collected data will be secure and only designated researchers will have access to confidential information and data. The information you provide in this survey is completely confidential, unless you agree to make it identifiable.

It will be used for academic and policy development/service improvement purposes only. By completing this survey, you give your consent for the research team to use submitted information for these purposes.If you have any questions about the survey data, confidentiality and anonymity, or any suggestions for improvements, or complaints, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly (contact@iresearch4birth.eu). or use the Contact Us form on our website.To view the  Interim results of the survey to adte please follow this link of the survey